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Video on Stage: Idea in Progress

Posted on Dec 18, 2015 by in Project Notes, Technology | 0 comments

“The soul cannot be an object of itself any more than an eye can see itself or a finger touch itself. Whatever is recognized, because it is an object of my attention, cannot be what I myself most am.”  -James P. Carse / A Philosopher Needs a Cat

In a previous project with MOTUS (a stage adaptation of Paul Auster’s Leviathan, also produced at La Manufacture) I put together a layered video system for stage performance. Actors could play on stage but also to the camera, and the result could be mixed in order to reconfigure the sense of narrative time and space.

For this production of Pylades, we are working more with the idea of memory and recollection. We are considering using small pico-projectors to invert the Leviathan project: rather than have the actors record video which is then projected back into space, the actors will carry small projectors from which they can project memory into the space.